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Who We Are

While we will be the first to admit that one business can't solve the entire world's problems, we believe to our core that it is our obligation as human beings, citizens, parents, to do what we can to fight back. 

Why not combine our love for philanthropy and fashion? Our hearts were pulled to join the cause to end modern slavery. We make a $2 donation to the Polaris Project for every order received. The Polaris Project operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline and is the world leader on engaging communities to combat human trafficking through providing services to victims of human trafficking, changing legislation and educating the public.

Although Mankind and its children's counterpart "3 Monkeys" carries the latest styles from a diverse group of vendors and top designers, we also showcase: sustainable products so generations to come will be able to appreciate the natural resources earth shares; focus on products 'Made in the USA' our nation prospers; products sold by charitable and non-profit organizations, provide support to missions all over the world. Our vendor partners feed, clothe, heal, educate and provide livable wages to underprivileged communities. Products that are ‘fairly traded’ assure that your purchase doesn’t pad the pockets of businesses that thrive on slave labor or expose workers to unsanitary or hazardous working conditions. By choosing to carry products that are created to enhance wellbeing, we work together towards our common goal of equal opportunity for health and long life. 

We cannot thank you you enough for taking the time to visit our boutique. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, we always appreciate your feedback (

- Founders Ken and Caitlin Shemin