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100% Pure Beeswax Melts

$ 9.00
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100% all natural and local beeswax poured into a 4oz. plastic, wax melt container. All of my beeswax comes from Timberline Bees of Granite Falls, Washington.

This listing is for one 4oz. plastic mold container with a total of six 1"x1" wax cubes. 

When considering what type of ambiance you want to create in your house, keep in mind a few things. First beeswax is natural (unlike paraffin candles), it burns much longer than all other waxes (including soy wax candles), beeswax actually purifies the air, (unlike other waxes that add toxins to the air), and the essential oils I add are all organic!

Benefits of Beeswax Wax Melts:
* 100% all natural: renewable resource and eco-friendly
* Non-toxic: no harmful chemicals
* Long burning time: beeswax is very efficient and burns much longer than
paraffin and soy candles/melts.
* Emits negative ions: helps purify the air of dust, odors, pollen,
allergens, mold, toxins, etc. (Hypo-allergenic)
* Sweet and delicate scent of natural honey: for a relaxing atmosphere
* Essential oils are all Natural and Organic

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