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Gold Free Bird Earrings

Gold Free Bird Earrings

$ 28.00
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These beautiful dove earrings lend an aura of peaceful strength to anyone who wears them, plated in 22 karat gold and hung on vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver) ear wires. .6" tall exclusive of ear wires. The Free Bird Earrings are part of our signature Free Bird collection, a celebration of the precious gift of freedom. Birds are a common theme in Made By Survivors jewelry, because they are such a natural metaphor for freedom, and because they are vulnerable and delicate, yet incredibly strong, like the women who make this jewelry. Tiny birds fly thousands of miles in migration, overcoming enormous obstacles. Women from all walks of life struggle with feelings of vulnerability and great obstacles, yet find the strength to carry on, enriching the lives of everyone around them. The women who make Made By Survivors Jewelry are courageous and inspiring. They have survived and overcome serious human rights abuses such as trafficking, child marriage, child labor or other forms of violence and discrimination. Today they are able to support themselves - and to rescue and support others - through their own hard work and creativity.

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