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iScentials™ Relax

iScentials™ Relax

$ 11.00
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Natural Roll-A-Therapy. Formulated with pure essential oils and a holistic vegetable carrier. Positively effective in reducing symptoms of most common conditions.

The all-natural roll-on therapy offers six remedies including “Calm” for headache; “Refresh” for energy; “Breathe” for sinus; “Relax” for stress; “Flex” for arthritis; and “Rest” for sleep.



  • 9.80 mL (0.33 fl oz) per tube/bottle
  • Metal roll-on essential oil blends in glass bottles for relief from the 6 most common ailments
  • Unit Size 1: 3.25″H x 0.75″D / 0.10 lbs

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